My work explores the anxiety of being inside a body. I use the figure as a means of exploring this disconnect. My figures have a complicated relationship with their own bodies. They are constantly shifting and ambiguous, never maintaining a stable identity. They have traits and characteristics which mimic ours, but they can't quite make it work. Caught in a constant loop of failure, they occupy an unsure psychological space between humor, grotesquery, and pity. We empathize with them, but we aren't sure how to approach them. 

While they are dealing with our presence, my figures must also deal with the stress of being socialized. The spaces they reside in are similarly compromised and confused, entangling concepts of public and private, as well as domestic and metropolitan. Claustrophobic and unstable, these interiors shuffle through modes of representation like a half-remembered memory. 

Brandon Geurts was born in Dayton, Ohio and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Central Florida in 2013, and received his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of South Florida in 2017.